My life is just a bunch of ”it seems like a good idea at the time strung together”.

Okey I’m not gonna be that hard on myself, but I am quite impatient. I’m not very impulsive, I usually think things throug, considering pros and cons and worst case scenarios. But I am extremely impatient , I want things so happen now, preferably yesterday and therefore I make my depictions rather fast. A lot of things in my life might not have happened if I had more time to consider them. I know I am very comfortable,nervous and scared deep down and if I think too much I’m gonna chicken out and take the safest way out, do absolutely nothing that is. So I might as well act on the adrenaline . It’s all about tricking myself in to doing shit.

But then I also have made a few impulsive decisions that seemed like a good idea at the time. For example two tattoos, any hair color I’ve ever had, moving to canada, moving to Oslo, moving to London. But there’s nothing I’ve regretted. I still love my tattoos and if I fuck up my hair I’ll just go back to brunette.

The only thing I’ve ever regretted was not sticking up for my self and cutting bad people from my life. But I’m working on that and it takes strength to do such a thing. Not that I need to do that right now but hell knows its been necessary in the past and might be in the future. You never know what assheads life might put in your path, might as well be prepared.
And occasionally I’ve regretted that last 3am shot or spending money on drinks I don’t remember having or while drunk deciding to save my contact that just fell out instead of my iPhone….but well well that just materials stuff.

So, I misunderstood the dates, so I’ll be going to the farm this weekend or early nest week and back to Oslo on next Friday, a week later than I thought. Impatiens is burning in my veins but hey, I’ll have 3 more days with my family, 5 days on a farm and then adulthood starts once again. So I’m just gonna enjoys this. Or try not get to stressed.

I know that there’s a lot of ”stuff that will seem like a good idea at the time” around the corner. And I know it will all be fantastic !


Here, Have a random picture of weird Cuban sunlight.



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