This lake and these mountains.


Yesterday, me and my sister took a walk down to the lake to see if the water had retreated enough for her to bring the horses there on Sunday. It’s so beautiful here and the mountains in the distance is the skyline of home. Rättvik ( pronounced raettvik) is located in the crater of one of earths biggest meteor crashes, that big space stone created all the mountains and the lake here. As kids we often went looking for fossils in the limestone quarry’s outside of town, that meteor tuned the soil upside down so there’s tons of them !

This place is so ambivalent to me. I love the nature, the calm and the surroundings but this community do not offer any growth, and after living here for 15 years there’s nothing new to discover, I know every corner , I’ve seen every inch of this town. I really wish that I could be happy here, maybe one day. But for now there’s other places I need to be. And I’ll be going there on Wednesday….



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