The smile’s returning to their faces

Sun, Sun, Sun, here it comes.
Woke up  next to a warm man who wouldn’t  let me leave the bed. Eating breakfast in bed in the company of John, Paul, George and Ringo and seeing this incredible blue sky in the corner of my eye. That’s what I call a good start of the day.

I love our new apartment. I love that spring finally has arrived and gives us +18 today ! I am working nine days in a row now, but who cares when my parents and their best friends are coming to Toronto and I have 7 days of with them.

I’ve eaten my oatmeal and my eggs. Finished my coffee. Time to kill my legs at the gym and then a Friday pre-closing shift. And then tonight, it will be the most epic amazing Friday night ever. It is laundrynight.  YEHA !


Bloor st west as we speak. Amazing. Maybe I should go for a run instead ?



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