I’ve been writing something everyday of my life since I discovered the beauty of words and mastered the skill of turning them in to texts.
I started my first diary at age nine and this electronic one, for anyone to read, back in 2009.
Since then, my travels, mentally, physically and  spiritually has been has been taking me to levels and places I could only dream of as a child. But somewhere over the last few months the words vanished. I ran out. Not many words has been written since but now I feel that they are coming back to me. Slowly. I am very grateful for that, writing heals and nurtures my spirit.

You are welcome to stay here for a while and continue with me on this journey called life.
I currently live with three Irishmen in central Toronto, Canada. Life told me to always keep my mind and heart open and it brought me here. And since my computer has crashed, and I am way to broke to get a new one, my words will be in English until I get a hold of a device with a Swedish keyboard. You know I love your emails and comments, feel free to speak your mind. In English, Norwegian or Swedish. We once had a good thing going here, I think its time we try to get back to that.

Love, The Girl with the mirror of smudges.



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