Speeded, well that’s my middle name.

So, besides making up for 3 months apart, I’ve actually been doing some sightseeing too. If you count making out at Walmart, downtown Toronto and by the CNtower as sightseeing…I just don’t seem to be able to keep my hands off this man. But that’s about to be changed I guess. He’s picking up his parents at the airport as we speak so i better control my self..

Yes you heard me right. Things move fast in Victoria town. First we hang out for 10days, spend 4weeks apart, spend 4days in New York , 3 months apart, I move in and four days later I’m meeting his parents. Well I assume they must be wonderful people considering what great job they did raising this incredible son of theirs.

So that’s all the Canadian news I got for you. Oh Yeha, Joe has already got his hands on the unicorn…

We got a lot of these little friends in the backyard.



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