Last day sorrounded by mountains

The countryside has been kind to me this summer. It gave me the peace and quiet I needed to process the first six months of this remarkable year. I’m no longer confused and scared, hours and hours walking these streets and forest paths cleared the smoke from my head. Slowly I moved my breath  from my throat back down to my lungs, the body learned to rest and a few nights ago my head managed to rest properly for the first time in years.

My backpacking trip did not end as we landed on Swedish ground, it ends today. And another trip begins. I’ve been travelling for six months now and I am keeping the best memories of that time forever in my heart. The best part about this trip awaits me in a big country on the other side of the ocean I once surfed, swam and dived in.  The water is not going to be turquoise, warm and inviting where he is now but that doesn’t  matter when I know I have a place in that loving heart of his.

I get on that train to Stockholm 6.40 am tomorrow. My last five hours at work tonight and a million things to pack. Then I’m ready to go look for adventures again. I’ll just have to take on Europe for a few weeks to spend time with my loved ones first. I feel blessed today.



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