Gnäll as we say in sweden

Called private doctor – check. (went straight to hell since the Swedish health system is being killed by our greedy greedy government and the people that are voting for tax cuts they think will give them more money in their wallet, when it’s actually just making rich people richer and leaving young girls with stomach pains that no doctor has the time to figure out the reason for) ( Tax Cuts will not make you richer, it will only make education and healthcare less affective and worse due to budget cuts. Our tax money pays for our social security system. So if you voted blue, don’t come crying now when they have to weigh dipers at retirementhomes and you’ll have to wait 3 moths for an appointment at the doctor. But hey, why don’t you just use those extra 300 – 1000kr you got in your pocket after tax cutts to pay for your fast and secure treatment or you kids education. America, Fuck yeha )

Called my insurance-company about my Canadian Health insurance – Check.



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