How to spend your summer

Well I’ve been working for seven days straight now, four more to go. Then one day off on Thursday and back on the horse on Friday for normal work and then, on Saturday and Sunday, the killer shift. A twenty six hour shift. Yes I sleep at work , but it’s no way near the good sleep you get at home. That’s what you get for working two jobs. Good thing I like working and my co workers a lot !

Went to bed at 9.30  last night and woke up at 6.  Slept twelve hours the night before that.. Sleeping, working, eating.. How did I manage to fill my days when I didn’t work ? I’m so restless now.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m making up for those 6 months of vacation now.  And that the Canadian Forever 21 fund is growing everyday…

And on this working Sunday, with rain pouring outside, it’s nice to think of friends and sunny beaches..But I’ve heard that Cuba isn’t that many hours away from Canada…



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