About mornig coffe, graveyards and peace

I was up way to early this morning. Had breakfast with Dad, filled out some visa forms and went to the bank. Turns out I got some stuff wrong, so I’ll have to call Norway at 12 O’klock and then go print some stuff  and then post the applications for my criminal record.
Not that I got one, but Canada wants proof of that. From both Sweden and Norway so I’ll just have to get my hands on those papers. No matter how frustrating it is not to be able to file the actual application right this second.

Bumped in to my old teacher this morning too. Yes girls, he’s just as breathtaking as he was when we were 15. And then I got the pleasure to have Jessica handling my stuff at the bank. It was really nice to see her.

Since I got to the bank 45 min before they opened I took a walk by the beach in the sun.  This town is absolutely beautiful, and I can really look at it with other eyes than with my depressed teenage ones now. I’m very thankful for that.

Might take a run up to the church later, visit the graves and make sure that no dead flowers are covering them. No place makes me as peaceful as that church and that graveyard. I used to love to go there with grandma as a kid . We cleaned up old flowers from the graves and looked at the lake, had a chat about life and lit candles in the church. And then when the whole priest thing came in the picture, I fell in love with that place even more.

I’m in a very happy place right now. I’ve found peace for a little moment, and that’s very unusual for being me.



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