Don’t mind if I do.

I am pretty bummed about not being at Sweden Rock festival right now. But I’m very convinced that I’m to tired to actually enjoy it, and I couldn’t handle to sleep in a tent and be drunk for another week. The bands at Wacken was pretty shitty this year too.. So we’ll just hope for some metal madness next summer instead. I cant say that there’s any lack of fun in my life at the moment anyhow..

After months and months of reggae, club hits and Latin rhythms my musical tolerance has grown pretty big. But there’s just nothing that can beat a little bit of Iron Maiden and a cold beer on a lazy day like this. Man, it’s good to be home.


Me and Johan. 2008. 18 years old, first year at Wacken. That was such amazing summer. Saw maiden live twice and realized that Beck’s truly is the shittiest beer ever.



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