A Lille speech of hate

Giving you belief,
You never touch, you never see
But if you dare to try to grip it
you’re accused for heresy.

Well I’m goning to Disney world today. I love disney, but The way they present Their Pincesses is just screwed up. I’ll just choose not to see how fucked their gender agenda is. And I will just choose not to see that disney teaches little girls that its important to please men and be beautiful, just for today. Even the bad ass Disney girls look like anorectic sluts with huge eyes, and still does everything to please men, while they are saving their people, forest or whatever. And the bad guys are always ” ugly” , witch means , they don fit in to a Hollywood frame of beauty. Cause remember kids, there’s nothing as importanint as staying in your genderole and to be disobedient!

When will we stop encourage Boys to be violent, wild and disrespectful and girls that surface matters and that they should be helpful and sweet?! We are all fucking people, we should have the same rights and obligations. I should not be treated or brought up differently just because I have overies instead of balls. the world is fucked up, and Disney your are sure as hell not helping mankind in a right direction.

I don’t want to go to Disney anymore… But I’ll just focus on the rides and smile all day. But when I’ll get my degree, Disney , you’re going down. Ass holes



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