Shoot to thrill

It’s been so intense since we got to America. And In those intense hurricane episodes of life the laws of logic stop to exist. The wine tastes better, the feelings grow stronger, the fights uglier and the love bigger then anything else. And life gets more intense and extreme than normally and every breath is taken in the speed of light. But sooner or later the hyperventilation prevents the oxygen from reaching the blood and you faint. And that’s when you need to give yourself a high five, in the face, with a chair.

That’s when you got to pull yourself together, drag your sorry ass into a cold shower and remember who the fuck you are. How amazing you truly are, the bumpy journey you survived that actually got you here and that it’s okay to fall back into what may have been. As long as your aware enough to pull yourself together when you get to high , or low.

In other words ; it’s been an intense first week in us and a. To much wine and no sleep. Today, I’m having a Victoria day. Me, a shopping mall and a huge soya latte. That’s what I call rehab.




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