And theres not enough words

The more you see, the less you know.
And less you’ll find out as you go. I knew much more then than I do know.

Worst day and night of my life.
Involving a drunken officer who opens fire towards my friends with a stole gun, make false accusations and got tow of my friends locked up for 12 hours. With the help fro amazing local people, my friends embassies and each other, we got the idiot officer fired and the charges dropped. No one is physically hurt but I think that we’re all in a bit of a chock.

But right now, all I feel is that I want to go home. I want to wake up in my own sheets tomorrow. I miss the way my favorite pillow feels underneath my head and the sound the old pipes in or kitchen makes when you turn the water on.

I’m just tired. Exhausted from not sleeping for 24hour and from being so scared. I have absolutely no faith in anyone in this place right now. But I also know that that’s just fear talking. And I won’t go home. I hope to feel safer in the states, and some corrupt alcoholic asshole is not going to make me miss out on America.

But for tonight, I just want to go home and pretend like this never happened.


2 reaktioner på ”And theres not enough words

  1. Men herregud! Det är ju helt sjukt. Vad otroligt skönt att höra att ni är fysiskt oskadda, men helt sjukt att det där med officern hände! Sånt borde inte få hända! Bra att den jäveln blev avskedad, men om jag hade fått bestämma hade han fått åka in i finkan med! Ta nu hand om er. Ni har varandra där som stöd, tack och lov.

  2. vaaaaaaafaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!
    KOM HEM NU!!! jag hatar att jag inte kan vara där och skydda er….. åhh va arg jag är nu…….. HELVETEEEE!!!! lås in er tills jag kommer och hämtar er!!


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