Life is hard in the mountains..

We are in lanquin. A small village in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by mountains. The wifi is of the same speed and quality you can expect in the jungle. Sloth speed…Therefore, no matter how bad I want to share this view with you guys, there will be no pictures for a few days.

We decided to move after last nights cockroach invasion. And today we are doing absolutely nothing besides having Delicious falafel, laying in the hammocks reading and admiring the view.

This earth and her nature blows me away. It’s so amazing here and in most places we have been. These surroundings reminds me of back home. I haven been in Rättvik for so long. And it hasn’t been my home for even longer. I’m really ambivalent about my homecoming in June, but god knows I’ve missed that lake and the mountains.



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